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Medical device for Treatment of Dry eye syndrome

Introducing NURIEYE.

Through the Food and Drug Administration, medical treatment of dry eye syndrome
Introduces the licensed NURIEYE series.

For eye dryness, which is very important to the human eye.
Causes / Symptoms / treatment methods are introduced.

The Nuriye-2 clinical trial was completed for 144 people with eye dryness at two university hospitals designated by the government.
Clinical trials of NURIEYE-5800 have been completed.

Medical device for Treatment of Dry eye syndrome

NURIEYE-5800 is the only medical Vibrator approved by Clinical Trial Laboratories according to the Notification of Drug Administration and approved for clinical data review. [Based on 2018.05.31]

Safety and validity

NURIEYE-5800 has been proved to be safe and effective by completing 2 clinical trials of dry eye syndrome patients at government-designated 144 general hospitals.

Domestic and foreign awards and patents

Seodong Medical Co. a manufacturer of medical device for dry eye syndrome, received numerous patents and domestic and international awards.

Recognition of new medical technology evaluation

NURIEYE-5800 is a new medical technology evaluation Notified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for non-payment of health insurance.

NURIEYE series

Dry eye treatment medical device NURIEYE series
Please check the image.

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